Fieldday Tango Tangles

Here’s the beautiful and impish Keeva. It was not our intention to keep a puppy from Kate’s litter as we already had 3-month old Maeve, but destiny decided otherwise.

Sweet, gentle and calm, Miss Keeva has a strong sense of self. She can be very clownish and entertaining, making us laugh and of course charming all who meet her.

She loves the outdoors, free to explore, run and swim. With the snow, she is now having fun snow plowing with her head. Even if she has always done pretty much what she pleased, she did show us that she liked to retrieve… running away with a duck when she was 3 months and recently putting her nose to work to chase field mice in the snow. Now, it’s time for obedience classes and come spring, we’ll give retrieving a real try and…

… maybe take on a show or two if she is ready. Our missy certainly makes heads turn with her elegant Flat-Coat silhouette, beautiful head and sparkling dark eyes.

Date of Birth : May 9, 2017
Sex : Female
Colour : Black
Call Name : Keeva
Owner(s) : Nicole Germain
Breeder(s) : Nicole Germain
Hips : n/a
Elbows : n/a
Patellas : n/a
Eyes - Cerf : n/a
Eyes - Gonioscopy : n/a
DNA : n/a